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APPLICANT: A spot is open lets see who fills it


 About Me

My Hobbies Reading, dancing, writing, singing, going on adventures, being spontaneous and going shopping, play video games.
My goals while I am at CBL To grow as a person and discover who I am and become a better person
My Favorite Things I like any type of food besides sea food and some veggies.I love to work hard. I cant stand the smell sea. I like rollacoasters. I like to go to theme parks and have a great time with friends or family. I like to go out clubbing sometimes. I enjoy watching movies and being a nerd and teaching people and doing martial arts.
My Favorite Music I will listen to anything that has a good beat
My Favorite Author Edgar Allan Poe
My Favorite Film A nightmare on elm street
My Favorite Actor Jim Carrey
My Favorite Actress Meryl streep
My Favorite TV Show The Flash
My Favorite Sport Martial arts
My Favorite Holiday Halloween
My Favorite City Orlando
My Favorite Country USA
My Favorite Club Honey pot
My Favorite Bar Dont have one
My Ideal Guy Someone who is caring, kind, sweet, little smart, muscular, big heart, knows how to be a man and isnt afraid to fight for what he believes in, who will cuddle late at night and care to my needs when I need them and who will know when something is wrong and comforts me and will not be afraid to be with me in public.


Date Of Birth   10/13/1993
Occupation bagger/Cashier/Bakery
Height 5'8
Weight 143
Waist Size 30
Eye Color blue or green
Hair Color Strawberry blonde
Shoe size 9
Leg length 30
Shirt Size medium
Body Hair none
Orientation Gay
Role Verse
Attire casual
B/F Status None

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