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My Favorite Things Cuddling, Tattoos, Music (hip-hop mostly), Writing, Creative Arts, Meditating
Music Hip-Hop,Country, Screamo (sleeping with Sirens etc.), 90s Alternative, Classic Rock, Gangsta Rap, R&B, Classical
Author Rick Riordan, James Patterson, J.k. Rowling,
Film Ven Hellsing, X-Men, Underworld, Jeepers Creepers, Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elmstreet,Chucky, Wishmaster, Hellraiser, Batman, Fullmetal Jacket,The Matrix
Actor Hugh Jackman, Joseph Gordon Levitt, Daniel Radcliffe,Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson
Actress Scarllette Johanson, Reba, Betty White,
TV Show Scandal, Fairytale, Seven Deadly Sins, NCIS, Law & Order SVU, Bones, Skins, The Voice, Black Butler, Yu-Gi-Oh
Sport Football, Soccer, Baseball, MMA, Boxing, Lacrosse, Basketball, Hockey, Paintball, Airsoft, Swimming, Snowboarding, Skateboarding, BMX, Motorcross, Tennis, Wrestling, Skiing, Bowling,
Holiday Destination Puerto Rico, United Kingdom, Guatemala, Chili, Haiti, Scotland, Greece, Italy, France, Ireland, The Carribean, Jamiaca, Hawaii
City Peoria, Saint Petersburg, Denver, New York City, Brooklyn, Queens
Country United States, England, Russia, Ukraine, Egypt,
Club Honeypot, Castle, Ritz,
Bar Mad Hatters (kava bar), Bula (kava Bar), Dharma (kava Bar), Muddy Waters( Kava Bar), Pink Flamingo
What do I want to acheive while at CBL Be able to get on my feet and get some music made while I am here as well as build lasting friendships with everyone here, I would also like to say when I leave I have all the money to start my family and live a comfortable lifestyle.
Ideal Guy  


Date Of Birth 10/17/1995
Height 6'3
Weight 268lbs
Waist Size 38
Eye Color brown (hazel when seriously angry)
Hair Color Black with Blond Highlights
Shoe size 13
Leg length 34
Shirt Size xl
Body Hair Man's Chest
Orientation Puerto Rican, African, Hawaiian, Scottish, Native American,
Role Verse Top
Attire Casual, Business Casual
B/F Status Single
Last Day at the house ( contract ends) May 27, 2018

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