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TYLER: Tyler is all about the money, He met and started dating Vayne, A past cast member and who now has pratically moved into the house with Tyler. They argue a lot and constantly seem to push each others buttons.


 About Me

My Hobbies I like to sing and dance amd watch horror movies and go to the club and beach with friends mostly outside things
My goals while I am at CBL My goal while i am at CBL is to get my car payments caught up and ged and basically to get my shit together make some new friends
My Favorite Things My favorite things to do is to take long drives in my car windows down ac and some loud great music
My Favorite Music hmm i like secondhand serenade, mayday parade,oasis ,becky who ,kesha , kattty perry mostly its all pop
My Favorite Author I dont read book so sadly i do not have a favorite author
My Favorite Film A Walk To Remember
My Favorite Actor hm i dont pay attention to actors names actually
My Favorite Actress again i dont pay attention to actors really
My Favorite TV Show Bobs buurgers
My Favorite Sport Track and swimming
My Favorite Holiday Christmas
My Favorite City Orlando
My Favorite Country US
My Favorite Club Pulse Orlando Florida
My Favorite Bar Only one i really go to is Savoy wouldnsay its great but if i had to choose that one
My Ideal Guy My ideal guy would have to be sweet to me alothough i like the bad ones i like a guy who does have their things together it does not matter to me if they know what they have for their future those things can be figured out along the way  I like my guy to be spontanious just live everyday like its our last just do whatever we want.


Date Of Birth   Oct. 1st 1989
Occupation CBL & VS Medai
Height 5'9
Weight 125
Waist Size 29
Eye Color green,blue
Hair Color light brown
Dick Size 7 in
Cut/Uncut Cut
Shoe size 8
Leg length 32
Shirt Size Small
Body Hair Smooth
Orientation White
Role Versatile
Attire preppy usually
B/F Status Dating Vayne

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