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ZAC ADAMS Started CollegeBoysLive (1998–present)which became the first 24/7 live reality site featuring a group of unrelated gay guys living in a house together with over 56 streaming cameras and audio. Collegeboyslive chose 6 random people to live in the house and have their entire lives broadcast 24/7 for 6 months where viewers can watch and listen to them as they lived their lives. is currently the only live webcam house still up and operating today. [14] CollegeBoysLive was also the first website to have a movie made about one of the groups from arrival to departure. Edited by George O'Donnell the movie takes you into the life of the boys who live in such a public place. To all new members this is the story of CBL. It is not about sex, but sex is a part of the guys life who live in the house for 6 months. Just like sex is a part of all of our lifes, the difference is they live theirs out on the cams. But there are also other parts of their lives to. Some of them have jobs, they do other fun things as a group. The main thing to remember about CBL is that it is a place where this four guys live for six months and they live their lives on cams for 24/7. The good and the bad. And we pay to see them do it. We are not here to tell them how to live or how to do something about their life. But if ask members will always be there to help out. So come and join us as a member and you will see why so many of us love CBL it is like a family.

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