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We knew this day would be coming soon the last day for Matt at The House. It will be on June 29. Please get in to all his chats and let's Thank him for being the one reliable and dependable guy at the house for the pass year and half.His chats was always fun to be in and he and US always learn some new.He got what Zac was looking for when he started CBL back in the day. For you to live your life the good and the bad. To work to make your life better then it was when you 1st came into the house.To not hide from the cams, but to make them part of your life. So that the members get to know you as a person. Your likes and dislikes. Matt you have done that. You know and I know some members may not have liked that ,but that is what is so Special about you. You did CBL/TCRW YOUR WAY.I wish you and Zach all the best in life.

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