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Tuesday April 25 was a day of contrasts for GRW / CBL cast member Zack. On the positive side, he worked out with producer Zac and friend Paul in the morning, helped member Yumm do some house repairs, and afterwards went out to eat with Zac and Yumm. Zack had a successful chat and later pleasured himself in bed before falling asleep. On the negative side, he cracked his mobile phone, damaged his car in a fender bender, worried about the well-being of his bff Paige, and fretted about his situation with Paul, whom he claims is not ready for a relationship. Meanwhile, Matt got what he wanted when bf Zach returned from Orlando for a couple of days; the distance has created some tensions. A pre-app chat with potential applicant Zach (yes, another Zach) is tentatively planned for Thursday night. #cbl  http://thegayrealworld.com

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