Daily Gossip Last Updated on: 2-25-18

A party with many new faces broke out at TGRW/CBL house Saturday night into Sunday. Besides Austin's bf Terry and Teal's friend Connor, guests included Jared, Nelson, Hector, Hermes, Crystal, Andrea, Alicia, and several others. Notably, the guests did not include Joe or his roomies. There was beer pong, moderate drinking, dancing, and flirting. The only ruckus was when one of the guests briefly covered the vanity cam, strictly forbidden at the house. By dawn the partygoers gradually left. Before falling asleep, naked Teal and Connor sucked and jerked each other off. Austin swallowed Terry's load after making out. Meanwhile, Zak and Abbie continued their adventures in Tampa, staying at a hippie hostel. Zak brought the backpack cam and sent back some video, including a Canadian boy Abbie met. Stay tuned for Zak's chat tonight where he will tell about staying in a mansion. It was revealed that Connor has applied for the one open cast position and will do a pre-applicant chat this coming week. #cbl http://thegayrealworld.com

To see pictures of what happened last night check out our Tumblr blog here: http://cbl-blog1.tumblr.com


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