Daily Gossip Last Updated on: 9-19-17

Josh began the first of a series of pre-applicant chats Monday night to fill the open cast positions at TGRW / CBL. After a favorable response from members and cast, he was invited to join other applicants in a five-day tryout next week. Stay tuned tonight for a pre-app chat by Skyler at 9 p.m. EST. Chance is in the line-up for his pre-app chat next week. Alec is scheduled for his tryout next week. Meanwhile, Josh, his ride Tyler Y, and their friend Terry proceeded to get drunk on tequila shots at the house, with Zacky and Youhei joining in but remaining relatively sober. The three drunks got naked, went in the hot tub, pole danced, and flirted with Zacky, who despite temptation remained faithful to his bf's Chance and Jacob (expected to arrive Sunday). After puking, Josh was put to bed with a garbage can in Zacky's room; Zacky slept on the floor. A naked Tyler Y fell asleep on the app bed while Terry was on the living room couch. #cbl http://applications.thegayrealworld.com

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