Youhei' Early years

When i was a young boy growing up, i didn't have my father with me. But i did have a step dad, it was good when we would get along just fine, go out to places with the family.
At the time it was me and one of my sisters, mother and stepdad. I have 4 siblings that are all older than me so of course i'm the youngest of them all. We lived in watts california at this time. When i was around five or six i had to be rushed to the hospital since i had problems with my bladder. I couldn't stop urinating so i was in the restroom a lot .

After california i moved to cleveland ohio and moved in with my step dad's mother. I went to school there i met a few friends which i soon couldn't hang out with because my sister ended up dating her brother. Soon enough when we hang enough money we moved out and lived on a second floor house of a family member. Then we opened a mexican/puerto rican restaurant which was a great success but had to close down after the owner of the building had issues with us and wanted us to close.
After 2 years my step dad moved to california, leaving me,my sister, and mother behind. During this time i soon enough had problems with my kidney which i had been urinating blood for a week. I had thought i was having what they called a period so i just thought it was normal till it lasted more than a week and i told my mother and she didn't believe me at 1st till i urinated blood in front of her. Once i was taken to the hospital they told her i had kidney stones but i was able to take a pill to break them down and i wouldn't have to get surgery. So after the news of this i had to make sure to keep in mind of the pills since my mom worked all the time just to feed us and keep a roof over our heads.soon enough my mother had an accident at work which she had chipped a bit of her knee. She got layed off of work and didn't pay her what they had to nor her injuries. So for the rest of the time it was just me and my sister for 1 year and a half. After that year and half we went back to california reunited with my stepdad but it wasn't the same to be around him anymore it felt more distant so i didn't really talk to him much after and grew apart from him. When i got to middle school i was a big nerd guy. No one really talked to me and when they did it was just to tell me nonsense and eventually i grew tired of it and changed to be a better person i talked to people when i changed my style and when i did talk to people i mostly talked to girls since guys were just really obnoxious at that time. I wouldn't really change in the locker rooms since i would always catch myself staring at the guys in there and when i did change everyone would look at me so i would wear my p.e clothes under my uniform cloths. Eventually i just didn't really change and i still passed with a B since i would work harder then the whole class. Eventually i signed up for an after school program and met this one girl who was really nice to me and i ended up liking her but we never got to date. But we did end up kissing before and after she got a boyfriend. She was really smart and she was very beautiful. But she was a grade above me so she of course moved on to a different school that year. When i entered high school i was open of who i was but i didn't really talk to people but people started talking to me and we ended up becoming great friends over pokemon and anime talk plus drawing.and during my freshmen year i had encountered problems with my math teacher but at the end we ended up resolving it and i failed math since it wasn't enough time to make up work to boost up my grade. Second semester was when i met this guy, i liked him and i started talking to him and eventually we ended up dating for half the month of march. When we were at school he invited me over to his house to watch a movie with his younger sister so we can technically be on a date and i accepted. When we got to his house his younger sister was there but soon enough she fell asleep and he moved her to the other room so she could be asleep. Soon enough i felt him grab me and he kissed me be was undoing my pants and i told him no i don't want that, he didn't listen to me and he ended up rapijng me. I as soon as it was over i got up and left and i told him it was over and that i never wanted to see him come near me ever again.
Then after a few days later people that knew him asked me why i wasn't around him and i told them we broke up but didn't really tell them the reason why but eventually someone of his friends told the school what had happened and he came near me and told me why was i saying that he had raped me if it wasn't true, and i told him i didn't tell anyone that, but that he did rape me since i didn't consent to him to do that. Soon after next week he ended up getting a group of his friends and i got jumped but luckily a police officer came around and they scattered. But they didn't do anything about it. The next day i had gone to the counselor's office and told her what had happened, she soon started escorting me home. But when she wasn't there they approached me it had happened again but that time i had a friend that had helped me out. A school staff member soon came and took me to the dean's office and when i explained what had happened he called my mother and when she came down he ended up telling her that i was bisexual and that my ex boyfriend had done this and that to me. When we got home she yelled and what not but i ended up closing the door one her.after that events most of the other guys were expelled from the school and never seen my 11th grade year i had left to another school since i wouldn't graduate with my friends there and when i did move i did better for a while.eventually after prom day i had met this guy online and we started talking. I was in los angeles and he was from fresno. It's like a 5 to 7 hour drive. But we would skype and talk but he had a boyfriend at that time who was abusive.
I liked this guy so i helped him get through it. Eventually when they broke up a month later i had told him how i felt about him and he had felt the same way so we dated for 8 months but he was depressed during this time and i had always been there for him no matter what. Soon enough i told him that i loved him with my whole heart and he was my everything and that he was my very 1st love that i felt that was true. But it fell apart when my birthday came around and he broke up with me on my special day. I was heart broken but i promised him that if he needed someone there for him i would be there which i did hold on to that promise. I soon gave into my depression and i had almost killed myself a few times in december. Then the new year started and i was aware that my depression had gotten worse and i seeked help and got a therapist but i never had told her that i would drink a lot so i wouldn't have to deal with my depression for a while. Then eventually i had contact with ethan once more and we ended up together once more. My depression still hadn't gone away even when i was with him. Eventually we broke up for the last time when i was in the hospital with kidney stones once more. Then eventually i had been drinking and i had been broadcasting when i found a guy on younow called matt. Then when i had tuned in to his broadcasts he had informed that they needed a new guy in the house he was in and i had applied and now i'm here after signing up and everything.