Skyler' Early years

Growing up:
I was born on November 2nd,1998. It was a Monday. I was 7 pounds 14 ounces and my parents second child. I was three months old when I experienced my first tragedy as a child. I was not even walking and I got fed a bunch of brownies laced with drugs. Eating so much of them at a young age put me directly in an ambulance straight to the hospital. Both of my parents were arrested and I was put in a foster home. My parents were released but they couldnít get custody of me or my siblings, due to the environment they chose to live in. I was taken out of my foster home at the age of four months and adopted by my aunt and grandfather on my motherís side. I lived with my aunt and grandfather up until the age of six. At the age of five, my grandfather decided that the best way to punish me and my siblings was to tie us to a riding lawnmower and drag us around, until we couldnít walk anymore. This happened at least twice a week up until the neighbor finally seen it happen at the age of six. This time when the police were called, me and my siblings were taken but my grandfather did not get arrested due to the lack of evidence. Once again, I was placed into a foster home but this time only for a few days. My grandmother from my motherís side got custody of me and my two other siblings and at first it was great, we were having the time of our life. But after a few months of living there, my Grandmother got tired of having responsibility so she locked my brother and I in a dog crate and made us sleep and stay there constantly. This went on for over a year, before one day me and my brother found a way to escape and run down the street naked screaming for help. People literally came over to my Grandmotherís house and had no idea that in the next room there was two kids locked up like wild animals. The neighbors called the cops when they heard all the commotion and my Grandmother was sentenced to 3 years in jail for child abuse. I was nine years old by the time I finally found a good home living with my grandparents from my fatherís side. My Grandparents names were Joy and Marvin. They gave me and my brother the family that we never had, and showed us what it really meant to be loved.
At the age of Fourteen, my father was released out of prison and fought for custody of me and my brother back. He eventually got it, so my brother and I moved in with him and his girlfriend. He tried to make up for lost time and to be the best father that he could up until I came out of the closet at fifteen. I sat my dad down over a nice dinner and said that I felt strong attractions to people of my sex. The next day, he said that there was something wrong with me and disgraced me from there. I was bullied in that home from then on, and had many occasions where I had to run away because I didnít feel safe. This bullying went on up until my seventeenth birthday when I got my first job, and then decided that it was time for me to move out. I moved into this dirty little one-bedroom apartment, but I was happy if I was not in the negative environment anymore. Since that day I moved out, me and my father hardly talk anymore and if we do, it isnít on the father-son level. Even while living on my own, and having a job, I still managed to graduate high school and go onto college. I graduated in the top ten percent of my class, and got a few scholarships. I currently am a sophomore in College studying criminal justice and Psychology. I have had a rough childhood, but Iím thankful for it to be honest! It made me the person that I am today!

Coming out:
I knew I was gay a long time before I had come out fully to everyone that I know and love. In 8th grade, the fact that I liked boys really came to me after I joined the drama club. I was not even in the club for longer than three weeks when I thought I had seen the most beautiful person that I have ever seen up until that moment. The thing that really got me, was that it was a BOY! His name was Ryan and he had the cutest dimples and amazing facial features. Being 15, I started to picture myself with this boy and created all kinds of scenarios in my head. I knew for a fact that this boy was Gay because he was open about it. The only problem was that I was not out to anyone. I tried to think of the best way to tell this boy that I like him and would love to try some things with him. Months passed with me still being in the drama club, and I still didnít find the nerve to talk to Ryan yet. But one day in drama rehearsal I was changing in the dressing room, when Ryan walks in and just starts stripping right in front of me. I was just casually looking at him and then he finally noticed. He didnít say anything, but I had a feeling he knew that I was checking him out. He stayed undressed for what seemed like forever. I was about to go to the bathroom when he just came up and kissed me. I honestly was not expecting this from him, so I was in a state of shock. I eventually realized what was happening, and started to kiss him back. I felt like this was something that you would have seen in a movie but it was real. After the kiss ended he just walked away and didnít say anything to me ever again. I stayed in drama club, but we acted like it never happened and went on being drama club buddies. This experience was my first time doing anything with a guy.
A couple months after my first incident with a guy, I met this cute boy at the mall. He gave me his number and said that I should text him. His name was Dylan and he was two years older than me. My father eventually found text messages between me and Dylan and he confronted me about it. Of course, me being a child still, I denied anything between me and Dylan. My dad told me I couldnít talk to this boy anymore or I would have to leave his house. I was super upset and the next day went over to Dylanís house. He was with his sister, but I didnít care. I told him everything right in front of her and told them what my father had said. Dylan was very upset, and we were both crying. Dylanís sister Amber could see that we were upset because we really liked each other, so she helped us create this lie where we would tell my father that I was dating Amber, when I was really dating Dylan. My father seemed to accept it so it all worked out. Dylan was my first real boyfriend and he took my virginity away. The first time that we had sex was slow and he showed me a lot. Dylan, Amber, and I are still friends to this day and I just went to his wedding not too long ago. He is now married to a wonderful guy. He taught me what it was like to truly experience something with a guy, and for that I will forever have a place in my heart for him. Over the course of my life since I have come out, I have had many different interactions with guys, and out of each one I learn something new.
The Turning Point in my life:
At the age of Sixteen, I was at the mall with some friends and we went shopping for a family wedding, I walked into one of these fancy stores and tried on a few of the suits. The second suit that I came out in, and checked myself out in the mirrors, this boy walks up to me and says that this suit looks amazing on me and that people would not be able to stop looking at how cute I was. I was flabbergasted that someone so cute had come up to me and called me of all people cute. I asked him what his name was,

and he replied with ďMichaelĒ. I introduced myself to him and we hit it off right away. We ended up leaving with each other phone numbers. We talked and went on many dates before we made it official. When we made it official, Michael told me that he had something to tell me, and it made me nervous. He told me that he had a little boy named Logan. I was surprisingly okay with this, and told him that I would be okay with getting the two for one package. After six months of dating I knew that I was starting to fall in love and not long after he admitted to me that he loved me and I had no choice but to admit it back. I admitted that he was the first person that I have truly loved. Our relationship was goals to a lot of people, and to be honest I thought so to. I mean two gay dudes and a baby boy, couldnít get much cuter than that. Michael and I were great together, and we honestly thought that we were soulmates, so after two years of being together he asked me if I wanted to adopt his child. This was a big question to ask an 18-year-old, and I knew I really had to think about it. I thought about for almost a month before I gave him an answer. I told him that I would love to adopt Logan because I love him and Logan with all my heart, and I really did. Our relationship was great, up until I moved away for college. He kind of distanced himself away from me and got mad at me because he thought that I would find someone better while I was away. I convinced him that that would not be the case. We still talked everyday over the phone and seen each other as much as a couple can when they are 400 miles apart. After three months of me being away for college and right before I got Accepted into the CBL house, Michael calls me and tells me that he let his ex-girlfriend (Loganís Mother) come live with him. I was upset, and that was before he even told me the worst part. He then continues to tell me that him and his Ex have been sleeping together since she moved in. He told me that I should be okay with it because in the end he still only loved me. I told him that I did not want to be with him anymore because I considered that cheating. By the time all this was happening, I also got accepted onto this show (TGRW). I went off on him and told him what he did was wrong and that I donít know if I could trust him again. Ever since then, he is messaging me every now and then and to be honest, I donít know how to feel about the situation. I learned a lot from Michael and he is my true first love and he still has a big piece of my heart.
Present Day:
I would just like to say that I am very proud of the person that I have become, and I wouldnít be me if it wasnít for everything that happened to me. I would not try to change anything, because I take everything as a learning experience and try not to make the same mistake more than once. Just an update on my family situation: I do not talk to my dad; however, I occasionally chat with my stepmom. My Birth mother Christina, I have reconnected with in the past year and we are now closer than ever. She is clean and has her life in order and we are there for each other in times of need. I have not many blood family members that care about me, but as far as friends, I couldnít ask for a better group to call mine. My name is SKYLER and I am proud to be me!