Applicant' Early years

Early Years

I was born in a small town in Upstate New York. I know I know. Whenever you hear that someone is from New York you think of “The City.” However I am basically from the boondocks, the place where nobody lives. It was always boring as a teenager but when I was growing up I was completely unaware of the fuckery happening around me. I am one of three in my immediate family. I have 3 other siblings that lived in the city I was born in about an hour and a half drive. However, I don’t talk to my siblings on my dad’s side. Not by choice. Their mother hated my brother and I because we were his first born. My dad was never really in our life at all.
I didn’t come from a privileged household at all. I came from a very low income household with just my mother and brother and sister. When my sister was 9 years old, my mom had my brother and I. My mom needed all the help she could get with two newborn babies. My brother was named by my mother’s best friend and I was named after a family friend who past prior to my conception.
I was born with a best friend… and my worst enemy. It has been that way our entire lives. I love to remember the times where my brother and I would die laughing at something so stupid. We would make each other laugh just by hearing ourselves laugh. We also basically matched in clothing until the age of 5. When we started school, my mother had requested with the school to make sure we were in separate classes. She viewed it as we are always stuck in the house together and we did not need to be with each other every minute of every day. Eventually we made friends in school. For me making friends was very difficult. For him it was easy he just had to walk in the room and everyone loved him.
I’ve always been that very awkward kid in class. I didn’t really make friends until 4th grade. I remember walking up to my friend Jack and asking him if I could sit with him at lunch. It felt like the hardest thing I ever did at that point. He unwillingly said yes and I made friends with him and his best friend Dylan. Eventually we became the Three Musketeers. We were friends until I moved away mid 7th grade year. When I was in 5th grade I played violin. I sucked really bad… They were in Band and it seemed way cooler. Later that year we hear the Final Countdown and wanted to play it as a trio. That is how I picked up my trumpet my first year of middle school. Since that point I played trumpet my entire duration of public schooling.
My brother has always gotten in trouble growing up. I have countless stories of him doing something stupid and getting screamed at by my mother. I remember one time he was lighting a piece of paper on fire in the park and long story short, we got taken home in a police vehicle that night. After all the trouble my brother has been in, it still amazes me that my brother is still my mom’s favorite. Although I am incredibly grateful for everything she has done and sacrificed for me. I miss her incredibly at the moment. Soon I hope to invite her over to hang out with the roommates and myself.
The move in 7th grade was the worst time in my life. I got very depressed and secluded myself extensively. I was the one of the new kids, sharing the title with my brother of course. He didn’t make too many friends once we moved. Later on he would sleep with and befriend my friends. Almost every single one of my friends that was female (which about 95% were.) In middle school I had one girl walk up to me and start hitting on me, which was very common and still relevant today. She ended up being my Bestest Best Friend to date. She and her family have shaped me to be the man I am to date. Prior I didn’t have any manners or courtesy at all.
I made a boat load of friends in middle school. The two that I think about most even today are Sekia and Kayla. They were two girls who lived on the next street over from me. The three of us would walk to school and walk home almost every day. I had French class with Sekia. She was a riot and hilarious as hell. I’m not proud of it but our friend group tortured the teacher. She cried every day. I apologized later on for my behavior. Sekia however never had the chance.
My freshman year of high school was crazy. Sekia one day at lunch went down by the adjacent river. Earlier that year it had flooded. The water level was abnormally high at that point. She was only with one other person. The whole story is forever unclear because there was only one witness. So Sekia supposedly slipped on the mud and hit her head, causing her to go unconscious as she fell in the current of the river. That day my entire Class cried. Death was now apparent in our eyes. The most traumatizing part is when we went to her open casket wake. Later on that year a girl from my class was riding in the passenger seat of her brother’s car who was a senior. They hit black ice and got into a car wreck. That was the last night she was able to speak to her brother. Our entire school at that point had a depressing vibe. Everyone was heartbroken. Twice in one school year we need grief counselors. It sounds as if it’s something from a movie and I wish it was all fictional. I found out just a few months that the Jock everyone loved in our school. The one that got a shit ton of scholarships for football, was riding on his motorcycle, got into an accident and passed away. It seems as though everyone in my graduating class is dying very young. There have been a few others but it still seems odd to me. It reminds me of Final Destination type ish.
On more of a light matter, when I was sixteen I acquired my first minimum wage job at McDonald’s. I was promoted to a crew trainer within a year. I worked there until I was 18 until I found a full time call center job in walking distance to my house. It was weirdly different. I was great at assisting customers on the phone and multitasking whilst working on a crap ton of programs at the same time. I have been paying my mother rent since I started my first job. So I was always use to only having a portion of my check anyhow. I then started saving money for a goal. At first I was stupid as hell and bought McDonald’s and stupid stuff at school. I realized really fast when I was worried about my phone bill, that I had to save a lot of it.
My entire senior year I was set on getting into my dream college. I wanted to attend RIT Rochester Institute of Technology. I talked to my guidance counselor about reaching this goal. Now he wasn’t a bad counselor at all. I purely suspect he knew without a doubt I could have gotten in. He didn’t really worry about it. He just loaded my schedule up. I have 10 periods a day. Normally a senior year consists of 3 main classes with 2 electives. With 9 periods a day, that’s one lunch and 3 study halls. I did not have the easiest schedule. I had to get up a 6:30 AM to get to school by 7:30 every morning for 0 period gym. (I had failed “Physical Education” my junior year) I also had lunch on every other day. I had taken an English elective Holocaust, English elective Public Speaking, Wind Ensemble or Band, Accelerated Computer Graphics, Trigonometry, Chemistry, Website Design, Desktop Publishing, Economics, and PIG or “Participation in Government.” I always sucked at doing homework and more than half had homework daily. My class grades were phenomenal. It’s the homework average that factored in where I fucked it up. I was also working part time at McDonalds after work working the maximum hours I could legally declared by my state.
I suddenly moved in with my sister after a fight I had with my brother that escalated. I had to switch school districts midway through senior year. I moved from a very diverse population to a middle class population at school. I was thrown into one friend group, which were odd but then again I am just as such. I became friends with them quickly and met some amazing people. I eventually resolved things with my brother and I moved back in with my mom because, I was home sick. My brother and I, honestly, have never been closer. I considered him just as much of my best friend, as he was when we were younger. Reentering high school was a bit awkward.
So my mom had plans to move to Florida for a very long time. It was always that thing like, “Yeah right mom.” Well right after I graduated high school she moved down. I ended up finding a three bedroom apartment in which I could reside. It was only six hundred dollars a month not included electric (which in New York heat and A/C are expensive.) I had a roommate that paid half of the rent for me. Mind you I still had to buy everything for the apartment aside from furniture. My mom gave me most of her last belongings before she left to Florida. I also had to pay all of the Gas and Electric. Another roommate was going to move in who was a good friend. I ended up using the money I was going to save from her moving in on things we all needed for the house. She ended up changing her mind at the last minute. My other roommate got pissed ended up telling the landlord that I was abusing her purely to get out of the 6 month lease. I couldn’t afford the rent by myself so I was screwed. Long story short she ended putting floor cleaner in my drink. I could have pressed charges and they would have ran fingerprints but I stupidly poured the drink out.
I ended up sleeping on my mom’s sister’s couch after I lost everything except what I could fit in a car. I found a way to save up enough money to down to Florida with no real knowing of how I would get back. My mom eventually let me stay with her and her friend in his 55 and up community trailer in Saint Petersburg. I met a hell of a lot of friends whilst being down here and ended up working for McDonald’s, Dunkin, and Transamerica for extended periods of time.
After only being down here a few weeks, almost a year ago today, I started talking to the most amazing guy in the entire world. I wish I could have met him sooner. He is currently my one Best Friend and it also helps I love this shit out of him. I stayed with him for a month at his friend’s house after being kicked out of my own, due to an issue related to my current job at the time Dunkin’.
One of those awesome nights we went out to Southern and as an after spot Matty stated he wanted to come to the CBL house. He told me a little bit about it and told Big Joe that’s where he was going. Matty ended up getting a DUI that night but everyone in Joe’s car made it here. That was the first night I spent at the wonderful CBL House!