Applicant' Early years

I was born on October 13, 1993. I was born a big baby. I weighed about 10 lbs. I got sick soon after with reflux and dropped under 5 lbs. My first Christmas was spent in the hospital. The doctors told my parents that I wasnít going to make it but my grandma wasnít going to have it and she put cereal in my formula and I started to keep my food down and survived. I made it 22 years later. I had girls always around me, it didnít matter the age. They were around me. If I was told to go do something I went and did it. My first word was cookie. I always like to play pranks on people and was a jokester and scared people all the time. I did well in school until middle school where I started to get bad. I always made friends fast, not only with the students but with the teachers as well. I didnít do much when I was a kid. I would play outside a lot but not only with other kids but sometimes with myself. During elementary school was when I discovered I was gay because I kept looking at the boys and not the girls and didnít hit on girls at all.
As I got older I would hang out with friends and be in some of the videos they made. They were mainly about us just going on adventures like on their boat or going shopping. I went to church a lot with my grandpa and cousins for years. I was in church for 21 years. I became an usher and sang in the chorus. I stopped because when I was 20 one of my older cousins was there with his wife and he always wanted to hear me sing a solo and finally when I got the chance to do it he passed away before I got a chance to sing for me and he never heard me sing. Ever since then I havenít been an usher or sang a solo by myself. I never got into trouble until I got older and then I always got into trouble. I fell in love with superheroes and Disney because it was a way to get away from my reality and dream and use my imagination to make my life happier. My friends and family mean a lot to me because they loved me for being me and accepted me for who I was. When I went to middle school I was a quiet kid. I did everything right and went by the books. I didnít have fun because I kept to myself. During the last few weeks of 6th grade I snapped out of that funk I was in and become the person I am today. In 7th grade I relaxed more and opened up more.
I dated my first girl in 7th grade and it was a disaster. She would steal my phone, tell me who I can and canít hang out with. I broke up with her because I couldnít handle her anymore. She told me not to date her best friend and I ended up doing that anyways. I focused on school after that and focused on being in the library. I was known all throughout middle school by everyone. It was hard to leave but the next big step was high school. I was scared at first but went in with confidence and it was greater than I thought. My freshmen year was different but it was fun. I made friends fast and got my first boyfriend in 9th grade. Before all of that I dated another girl who was nice but she lied a lot and was a cheater. I dated my first guy when I came out to my friends. He was also bad to me and he was a horrible person who thought he was better then everybody. I came out at 18 and was still in school. After I came out I was bullied and had thoughts of suicide. If it wasnít for my friends and teachers that helped me over come it and give me a reason to live. I joined chorus my sophomore year and I had a blast. I started out as a bass and went on adventures to Disney and other schools to sing. During my high school years I had trips to the hospitals because of my hypoglycemia. The second time I passed out, my face almost went through the television. When I hit 18 I came out to my parents and it didnít go to well. They were yelling at me saying ďI am not a loud to be gay and that I had to do what they said because it was their houseĒ. It was a rough year for me.
My mom is ok about it and makes funny jokes and my dad wants no part of it. My sister stereotypes me as the typical gay guy who is portrayed by the movies and thinks thatís who I am. During all of this I lost a few good family members to death and it just made everything so much harder. The last thing one of my aunts said to me was that she can see her husband who has been dead since 2007. During my freshmen my math teacher tried to get me to join dance and I never did. My sophomore year I gave it a try and I loved it. I was in it for 3 years and learned how to dance the waltz, tango and foxtrot. That helped me with my martial arts which I joined in middle school and that was fun sometimes when I wasnít being punished. I ended up breaking my middle finger in half when I was 17 or 18 due to water tubing. During my church days I went on a few mission trips to lake placid, Miami, Tampa and other places just to help others because I love helping people. When I was in church I was a preacher sometimes and I preached to little kids and adults. I dated a few other guys in high school who were bad to me by abusing me physically, emotional, spiritually, mentally and financially. I didnít get a job until I was 20. I worked at a restaurant as a dishwasher for 6 months. I worked with one of my friends and we would sing and dance every time we were together. During high school I picked up poetry as a means of letting my feeling out and expressing myself. I joined the schools poetries contest my sophomore and junior year and almost won my junior year. During my senior year I had difficulties because it was hard for me knowing that this was my last year. I almost didnít graduate due to my math credit. I get a call saying I need to come in and get it done and I got it done and was able to graduate. During my schools years no job would hire me. So after high school I got a job at a grocery store and shortly after that I met Vayne. We dated for 5 long months and it was bad because he abused me. I met him late at night one day while I was up late at night scrolling through grindr and noticed his hair and thatís where we started talking. One day while I was with him he said he was going over to CBL and I have never heard of it before so I was curious on what it was and when I got here I loved it because I never seen a place like this before. I felt welcomed in this house because of the family vibe I got from here and how fun everyone was. After Vayne and I broke up I thought I would never been in this house again. After about a year I met Jeff and that was a disaster. He was nice at first then slowly became his true self and got on my nerves a lot. When a guy that I like for years came back into my life, I was crying and when Jeff tried to comfort me he was trying to make out with me and trying to have sex with me. After I broke up with him to with the guy I liked he ended up leaving me and I was left with nothing.
I stayed home and focused on work and while I was doing that and the house was losing cbl boys I got a message from a member saying I should apply and I waited 2 days to apply. I got a message later asking for an interview. I was surprised that I got asked for an interview. After my interview I was met by Zac and Matt and asked me how it was and I said it was ďgreatĒ. After that they asked me when did I want to do my 5 days and I said I will do it next week and that what I did and thatís where I met Connor. We hit it off great and had a blast together and then he went home and I got some time with Jake and we had fun together with Matt. My last day here Jake and I went out to a club and had fun with his friend Dan. Jake left because he had chat and I was there with Dan alone and we were talking about superheroes and having a blast. I was drinking a beer when Matt called me and asked what I was doing and I said I am drinking a beer and he said why I am not celebrating. I said because there is nothing to celebrate and he said there is. I asked what was there and he said youíre alive so you should. I was curious why he was saying this so I asked what was up and he said I got into the house and I was so happy and I got myself a drink and was happy for the rest of the week until I had to come here and was nervous and now I am happy to be here. When I went home I finished my work there and put in a transfer which I did. I thought it would be hard telling my parents but it was easier than I thought. They were supportive of me and helped me pack a little. I said my good buys and hit the road with Jake. After I got here I unpacked and settled in and waited for my chat time and was with Matt and Jake and Zac I think. The next day I had to go back home to attend my sisterís baby shower which was fun. My family liked Jake and they were happy I am starting a new chapter in my life. We finally came home and relaxed before we had chat and just enjoyed living without my parents for once. I already got drunk thanks to Matt. We had a party on the 27th of august to welcome Jake and me to the house. The party is where I met Dustin and I thought he was really beautiful. We have hung out a few times after that and I enjoy every minute of it. Now I am anxiously awaiting a new arrival so I can see what he has to offer and bring to the house.