Applicant's Diary Early years

 Well my name is Wes i grew up in a small town called Okeechobee Florida where i have 6 generations of family there, I am a Florida native was born Jan 2, 1992 was raised by my mama an Nannie who is no longer living, i am from a rodeo family all i have ever known was horses an cattle my whole life, then about that age of 9 i realized there was something different about me that i was attracted to men, i knew there was always something different about me but just didn't know what, the age of 13 lost my virginity to a guy i went to school with so i grew up fast at the age of 15 an 16 i was home schooled to help support an take care of my mama an Nannie had to be the man of the house then 2009 my mama an Nannie left an moved to a small town in GA where my mama sister live to give her help with my Nannie my mama has had two failed back surgeries prior to this, then July 8,2010 i made the decision to move up there as well after loosing a very good horse that i owned, I worked at Pulse Orlando for about 2 months after turning 18, went down the wrong path with a guy i was dating at the time, so i decided to move up there with them thankfully i did cause that gave me from that point till December 19, 2010 to still have with my Nannie who past away then my world changed not for the good for the worse i started working at a salon the February 2011 in the small town we lived in for 2 years but from 2010-2011 a year after i tried to still rodeo it was very hard i went to Upstate New York from there to Texas then back to GA to be with my mama, then few months went by lost everything truck trailer an one horse i sold to get the car i had at the time, so then i ventured of to Atlanta was part of the gay community in the middle GA area Macon, so then I started working at a bar up in Atl called BJ Rooster's which i am currently in a lawsuit with for not paying minimum wages. My mother at this time didnt know about my sexuality yet she was suspicions but i hid it very well, then i got on the wrong path again up there an finally told my mama when i quite atlanta that what i was doing an everything an expressed my feelings about my life style an everything an she finally excepted it an are relationship is better than ever an due to that was a reason why i wanted to be clean an do better for myself as a person I am 5 months clean an im keeping on keeping on thank god for the blessings hes gave me in my life. But when i went back home my boyfriend at the time was a heroin addict an i was a meth addict cause i was hiding my feelings from my mama an everything but after i told her i quit but anyways the ex an me didn't work out i was heart broken about everything then i tried atlanta again an relapse stayed two weeks up there then went back home to my mama an regrouped an then we decided to move back to Florida after loosing everything cause my aunt was not helping my mama just taking advantage of her an her money, so my mama divorce was final so we loaded are shit up an moved back to Okeechobee! Well the month of December became better although sad month for me but i got booked at a bar in cocoa beach FL, that's where things looked up an good for me from that point on i have been so thankful an thank the good lord above for everything, then i met cody from a guy who is doing a movie type thing well then Cody started talking to me an told me what CBL was an I was like i heard years ago in Orlando what it was but i didn't think i would have fit the bill for it so i was like oh cool that would give me a more jump start to my life on the right track cause besides my GED i wanna go to the Paul Mitchell Hair School here in Tampa the salon i worked at in GA was a Paul Mitchell Salon, so anyways i applied an made it threw the app period an have really been enjoying it not only here but got a job dancing at a awesome bar Liquid an as well have a support system to help me get with my schooling an just wanna say thank you to each an everyone of you if it wasn't for you i wouldn't be here an i love you guys!! .