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ZACH: The young one in the hosue brand new and ready for adventure.
CHRISTIAN: New boy dating Kye and loves to party and have fun.
MATT: THE SCIENCE GEEK.. Nicknamed IQMatt for his  thirst for knowledge and science, he is in college for biology
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Daily Happenings with the cast
Here you can read what the boys plan on doing today ( This section is updated each morning by the cast )

Tuesday: Got called into work today, had to go because I asked for an extra weeks vacation in August so gotta put i the time before hand. hi ho hi ho , its off to the Q I go.
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I am currently at MY house and on office cam. I arrived home at 6/27/2017 5:44:12 PM

Tuesday: wake up and start cooking breakfast. after i will start to work out in the chat room for a bit before going on a bike ride if the day is sunny and not stormy. after i will come back home and i will start to see what i can do around to help out around the house.then i will hang out with the guys for a while and try to play a card game with them before we all go to sleep.

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I am NOT currently at The House. I left at 6/21/2016 2:07:05 PM

Tuesday: Yesterday involved a shit ton of cleaning with a late night chat.I plan to sleep a little late. I want to make some banging goulash for the house.

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I am currently IN The House. I arrived back at 4/12/2017 1:46:37 PM

Tuesday: I have an interview early morning today so after done with that going back here to sleep some more. I have chat at 7 so I'm thinking of doing a fashion show to pick shirts to keep or not, not to sure though. Hugs.

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I am currently IN The House. I arrived back at 9/5/2016 6:37:35 PM

Tuesday: Making some coffee then off to work. When i get home from work i am boxing a couple more thins up then going to make trips wednesday and thursday after work. It's weird to see my room this barren. ______________________________________________________________ The Gay Real World FaceBook page where all the live streams to face book are. Copy and paste the link and scroll down.

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I am currently IN The House. I arrived back at 6/27/2017 6:20:44 PM

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Daily Gossip Last Updated on: 6-27-17

The weekly TGRW / CBL cast meeting had a serious tone on Monday June 26. Producer Zac warned that unless membership increases the site could be closed down due to losing money. The boys discussed with him ideas to make the site more appealing. Zac noted that staying up all night and sleeping all day did not attract viewers. Later during chats, Matt waxed nostalgic while drinking 8 shots as he talked with members about how he has changed from his TGRW / CBL experience. Christian was joined in chat by Zack and later bf Kye. With the exception of that couple, Youhei, Zack and Matt all slept solo. #cbl http://thegayrealworld

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Podcast Tuesday

Its Tuseday and that means the 1st in our weekly podcasts from thecast...
Podcasts are 1:1 interviews with each of the castmembers in the house. Youhei , Christian , Zack and Matt all get to sit down with Zac 1 on 1.
Zac asks the those awkward questions all theviewers want to know, nothing is off limits in these podcasts, Zac has made past castmembers cry, laugth and blush but he always gets to the bottom of whats happening,
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Matts final week
Matt and predictions

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  The Naughty Moments

IQMatt’s Chat Monday - The First of Four... and then there will be no more... (Part 2 of 2)
In the first of his four remaining chats as a TGRW Boy, Matt entertains himself with 12 shots and entertains us with stories as he and we reminisce about his time at the house. The process of leaving (separating) as truly begun and Yoda needs not comment beyond what is contained herein. Matt remains completely in control of his faculties and shows, yet once again, his ability to -keep it real-.

  The Gay Real Life Moments

A TGRW Blast from the Past! Matt and Zach in -I Was Born to Love You- (April 24, 2016)
It’s been fourteen months and three days since Matt treated Zach to this special treat featuring his favorite color (orange). And Yoda happily points out that... they’re still going strong. A Certified CBL-TGRW Success Story, they are.

The Rule Of Shame

  In the many years here we have added or adjusted rules in the house, usually in direct response to one of the boys often "inappropriate actions" we decided to list some of them here, the name of the boy and what the resulting rule was.

Boys Name: Description of incident: Resulting Rule:
Charlie S: Driving the house vehicle while over the legal limit, and getting pulled over An alchaol breathalizer was installed in the vehicle so if could NOT be driven while drinking 
Jeff M: Somehow amazingly managing to pass his driver licence test while barly able to keep the car in one lane while driving All boys must have their licence for at least 6 months before being alowed to drive the house car.
Zach M: Telling us his dog was a fully trained and certified serivice dog when it was definatly NOT trained and the certification was mearly filling out a form online  to say its a service dog. No more animals especially serivice animals in the house.


Today's Drama level is: 

We knew this day would be coming soon the last day for Matt at The House. It will be on June 29. Please get in to all his chats and let's Thank him for being the one reliable and dependable guy at the house for the pass year and half.His chats was always fun to be in and he and US always learn some new.He got what Zac was looking for when he started CBL back in the day. For you to live your life the good and the bad. To work to make your life better then it was when you 1st came into the house.To not hide from the cams, but to make them part of your life. So that the members get to know you as a person. Your likes and dislikes. Matt you have done that. You know and I know some members may not have liked that ,but that is what is so Special about you. You did CBL/TCRW YOUR WAY.I wish you and Zach all the best in life.

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