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James: Dated several cbl boys, now he is in the house as one of the cast
MATT: THE SCIENCE GEEK.. Nicknamed IQMatt for his  thirst for knowledge and science, he is in college for biology
Jake: He is Back, but is he wiser and smarter than before
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Daily Happenings with the cast
Here you can read what the boys plan on doing today ( This section is updated each morning by the cast )

Wednesday: Had a good day yesterday, made great strides on the server, still a long way to go though, today i am working more on that and also heading to the Q for meeting and marketing.
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I am currently at work(the Q). I arrived there at 10/26/2016 11:53:37 AM

Wednesday: today is an early day at the K. I will after work hopefully get my hair faded.i will come home to chat and then get ready for the doctors Thursday. I'm mega excited to be further my doctors which is a goal I set while I was here. I chat 7-9 come see me. Say hi. Dock it. 💋❤️💋❤️💋

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I am NOT currently at CBL. I left at 6/21/2016 2:07:05 PM

Wednesday: I plan on waking up and getting ready for work. After work I will come home and rest until I go spend time with Dustin. We will be going back to Walmart to return my go pro.After which we will be going Halloween shopping for me. I will then return to the house and get ready for chat.

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I am currently IN the CBLhouse. I arrived back at 3/24/2016 11:03:05 PM

Wednesday: Happy Wednesday to you, today i woke up a little tired but needing to get some energy in me so i can be ready for tonight with my new job, i mostly spent my day before hand working on my early life diaries and making sure that i wasnt forgetting anything else. other then that i planned on relaxing and getting my outfit ready for work and working a little on my Halloween costume. After work plan to come home relax and go to bed seeing as i now need to get my self in the habit of getting to bed earlier!

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I am currently IN the CBLhouse. I arrived back at 9/5/2016 6:37:35 PM

Wednesday: Work this morning. Lots to do. Lots of science! Then heading home to shower and relax before chat. after chat im going to watch american horror stories then probably head to bed.

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I am NOT currently at CBL. I left at 10/26/2016 8:41:40 AM

Wednesday: Always accepting applications at

Daily Gossip Last Updated on:

Guests liven up the TGRW / CBL house and such was the case Sunday October 23. Ex-CBL Tyler (Corey) stopped by for a couple hours while his bf Vayne was visiting a bff gf. Jimmy's friend Dustin visited after picking him up from work. And weekend resident ex-CBL Zach was there frolicking in bed with his bf Matt. Meanwhile, Vlad went for a run and showered before his chat. During Jimmy's chat the other boys stepped in and worked out this week's schedule. Jake completed the chat lineup. This week preparations continue for Halloween costumes and, for Zac, Jake, and Vlad, a 4-day Halloween cruise. #cbl

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Lets see the Sexy Boys to get you over the mid week hump

Wednesday can be dull, its the middle of the week and we know its not the best day for many of you ... So we have something to spice up life a bit for you.
Today we have added a new XXX Gallery to our ever increasing photo sets that are part of the membership
We have exclusive eurpoean boys that you wont find on other sites, I post a new set every wednesday, we have been doing this for years and have built up quite a collection, we add to it each week. Make sure you click on the picture to the left to acess the galleries and as always, have fun.
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IQMatts Chat Tuesday - Deflouring the chatroom couch, plus News from the workplace... (and more)
After flouring (and then deflouring) the chatroom couch, a somewhat hyper Matt invites Vlad, Jimmy, and Dustin to taste test some of the local brew (from you know where). He has news (from you know where) but hes letting the suspense build a lil. And then, after sharing his (genuinely exciting) news, the convo turns to raising kids, career choices, becoming an adult, and a new walk down memory lane wherein he share more personal youthful experiences (both sexual and non). Another busy, fun, enthusiastic, and informing chat from the realest of the real.

  The Gay Real Life Moments

CBL Monday Lunch at Chili's - Oct 24, 2016
The weekly CBL Monday lunch is at Chili's Restaurant today. The diners are Zaccie, Jimmy (this week's -Best Boy-, Jake, Vlad, and IQMatt. This is a copy of the video streamed live to Facebook by Zaccie from his Smartphone.

The Daily video gossip and updates (level 2 area )

jakes week
jake has a job and is accepting applications for bf's
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Hat are you wearing for Halloween? Matt and Zach are Peter Pan and his shadow.

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