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TYLER: Tyler is all about the money, He met and started dating Vayne, A past cast member and who now has pratically moved into the house with Tyler. They argue a lot and constantly seem to push each others buttons.
MATT: THE SCIENCE GEEK.. Nicknamed IQMatt for his  thirst for knowledge and science, he is in college for biology
Jake: He is Back, but is he wiser and smarter than before
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Daily Happenings with the cast
Here you can read what the boys plan on doing today ( This section is updated each morning by the cast )

Wednesday: Off to the Q today then stopping at the CBL house to meet Vlad and say hi to everyone. A bit more work then on the cruise video and some more posts. Then Bed.
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Wednesday: I got the job. pretty excited. I have to get black tennis shoes but other than that im pretty stoked. I am gonna try and wake up fairly early to get used to it because I have to be there at 730 am thursday and 9 am friday. I will just get my body ready and hopefully get rested tomorrow. wish me luck. I chat 7-9 everyone come see me. <3

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Wednesday: I will wake up and finish my movie and maybe eat some food. After which I will probably chat with Vlad and get to know him more and figure out what he wants from this house. After all this I will see if Jake, Matt, Vlad and I will want to do something and the wait for Codie to get here and talk to each other and get to know each other. After which we will probably watch movies and relax and then go to bed.

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Wednesday:Wednesday: I woke up this morning to the music that was playing off my phone from last night. I ended up taking a shower before i made a cup of tea, which is unusual for me to do because i am half way asleep and forget to do so. Tea session will be over and then i will begin the day with finding out more about the house and Meeting with "bird" or Zac or whatever name seems to come up next at me, but for those of you, basically the owner of the house! in the end we discussed the rules the lay out of the house and the ideal of the house. He is a great guy "zac"! i later have afternoon teat and learn to continue the ways and hear stories from those in the house about their experiences. truly great guys here at the house very friendly and very open which makes me feel comfortable, for now i will kinda watch and see how people are but in time i will learn who they are and there for understand more about this house and its residence along with maybe the gay community seeing as i have still alot to learn. however one thing is here the humor and sexual joking is right where i belong! i truly feel at home and not even have been accepted here yet as a full pledged house member!

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Wednesday: another early morning for me! work work work. It as been said that it should be an easy day. we shall see tho. I am hoping to be home around 6pm or so. Once home i want to take a nice shower and a nap. Tyler and vayne may be stopping over later in the night. Lots to come for the rest of the week, Vald will be chatting first at 5pm make sure to stop bye and say дравствуйте.

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Wednesday: Always accepting applications at

Daily Gossip Last Updated on:

Applicant Vlad arrived at the CBL / TGRW house on Tuesday September 27 for his 5-day tryout period for the one open cast position (another applicant, Austin, will be coming in a couple of weeks). Matt, Jimmy and Jake introduced sleek Vlad to the customs and duties of the house, including Daily Happening entries, video diaries, alcohol shots, and hot tubbing (with Jimmy). Vlad caught on quickly; he will have his first chat this evening. During his chat, Jake confirmed he has a job at a gas station/convenience store and will start Thursday with orientation. Matt talked about working full-time now at the brewery in a chat after appearing live on Facebook with Zac for a broadcast. The guys filled up each of the four beds; Vlad, in a private but touching moment, knelt for prayer before going to sleep. #cbl

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Lets see the Sexy Boys to get you over the mid week hump

Wednesday can be dull, its the middle of the week and we know its not the best day for many of you ... So we have something to spice up life a bit for you.
Today we have added a new XXX Gallery to our ever increasing photo sets that are part of the membership
We have exclusive eurpoean boys that you wont find on other sites, I post a new set every wednesday, we have been doing this for years and have built up quite a collection, we add to it each week. Make sure you click on the picture to the left to acess the galleries and as always, have fun.
We have so many photosets now that we have had to break them into 3 sections. we have labled them as follows

Level 2 Latest  Gay Real World Videos

  The Naughty Moments

App Vladís first night at the house
Have a look and a listen as App Vlad experiences his first night at the CBL house. Matt and Jake have gone to buy some booze, and Jimmy and Vlad chat in the hot tub. Matt and Jake return and... (well, and Yoda follows Vlad around for the next hour).

  The Gay Real Life Moments

App Vladís first bedtime in the house
Imagine, if you can, what it is like to come into a strange house (just hours before), and a cam house at that, and participate in your first shared chat (Mattís) and now you are going to bed in what could be your own bed for the next six months. Are you likely to sleep well? Well, have a look as App Vlad beds down for the first time in this house. You ARE going to witness a moment that is so genuine that Yoda cannot recall EVER having seen its duplicate on this site. Similar, yes. Duplicate, no. (This is an hour and fifteen minutes, uncut and unedited.)

The Daily video gossip and updates (level 2 area )

Matt tells vlad about his 5. Day
Vlad gets the news of his 5 day
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