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Zach: The young one in the hosue brand new and ready for adventure.
TYLER: Tyler is all about the money, He met and started dating Vayne, A past cast member and who now has pratically moved into the house with Tyler. They argue a lot and constantly seem to push each others buttons.
MATT: THE SCIENCE GEEK.. Nicknamed IQMatt for his  thirst for knowledge and science, he is in college for biology
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Member Yumm is a certified TGRW Treasure! He absolutely demolishes the stereotype that gay men cannot use power tools.

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Daily Happenings with the cast
Here you can read what the boys plan on doing today ( This section is updated each morning by the cast )

Wednesday: working at home during the day then heading into Qzar tonight for an evening event.
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I am currently at MY house and on office cam. I arrived home at 4/26/2017 11:56:51 PM

Thursday: go to dealership. Bitch about my car. Call IRS to get extension on my taxes. Get things in order to move. Spend time with roomates.

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I am NOT currently at The House. I left at 6/21/2016 2:07:05 PM

Thursday: Tyler never came home for chat last night or for anything, repeated calls go unanswered, so we wait to see what happens when he finally shows up. he of course didn't do his daily happenings so to be nice to Zack we did them so claire does not keep waking him.

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I am NOT currently at The House. I left at 4/16/2017 4:59:13 PM

Wednesday: Going to Walmart in the morning with Yumm for ice cream and pushpins since I'm down from yesterday's accident. Once we are back we are gonna work on the fridge and other house repairs then dying hair followed by Chat at 7 then movie night with James, JJ and Matt. Should be a fun day and better than yesterday - if so Argyle will get the first nude I ever send, if not he owes me $100, lol (so make my day crappy and hope my hair falls out). Hugs

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Thursday: Making some string coffee and watering my plants then I'm heading off to work. Zach is leaving tonight because he has work and a doctor's appointment in the morning. I chat from 7 to 9pm and have cw stuff after. The Gay Real World FaceBook page where all the live streams to face book are. Copy and paste the link and scroll down.

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I am currently IN The House. I arrived back at 12/16/2016 8:52:25 AM

Always accepting applications at our new line of applicants are on there way in , keep checking back with us to see who is next.

Daily Gossip Last Updated on:

Tuesday April 25 was a day of contrasts for GRW / CBL cast member Zack. On the positive side, he worked out with producer Zac and friend Paul in the morning, helped member Yumm do some house repairs, and afterwards went out to eat with Zac and Yumm. Zack had a successful chat and later pleasured himself in bed before falling asleep. On the negative side, he cracked his mobile phone, damaged his car in a fender bender, worried about the well-being of his bff Paige, and fretted about his situation with Paul, whom he claims is not ready for a relationship. Meanwhile, Matt got what he wanted when bf Zach returned from Orlando for a couple of days; the distance has created some tensions. A pre-app chat with potential applicant Zach (yes, another Zach) is tentatively planned for Thursday night. #cbl†

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Podcast Thursday

Its Thursday and that means the 2nd in our weekly podcasts from the boys...
Podcasts are 1:1 interviews with each of the CBL boys in the house. Jake , Tyler , Zack and Matt all get to sit down with Zac 1 on 1.
Zac asks the those wkward questions al the members want to know, nothing is off limits in these podcasts, Zac has made past boys cry, laugth and blush but he always gets to the bottom of whats happening,
Be sure to watch and click on the Picture to the left  to see the latest one posted today.

Zacks week
Another week of fun

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Zackyís Chat Wednesday - Moving along...
Zacky hosts a very quiet, very mellow chat as he continues to process and move beyond his terrible Tuesday. Things could be worse. Things could be better. Itís life. Accidents do happen. It does take time to repair and recover. And that is what Zacky is doing, with the support of his new family. Onward...

  The Gay Real Life Moments

TGRW Home Improvement - Once again Member Yumm steps up to the plate
Member Yumm repeatedly volunteers his time, tools, materials, and knowhow to improve living conditions in the house. Todayís tasks include replacing a failed faucet in the master bath and rebuilding the tilting poorly attached kitchen bar. Bird and Zack prove, once again, that gay men are not fundamentally unable to use construction tools wisely and well. Here are over two hours of labor accelerated to just over ten minutes. Thank you, Yumm. The screwing you do in the house is most appreciated by all. (pun intended)

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