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Vlad: Expending our international feel at the house Vlad was born and grew up in Russia, he is still experiancing the American ways and life in the west.
Jake: He is Back, but is he wiser and smarter than before


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Daily Happenings with the cast
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Saturday: Off to the Q the 1st day with the new arcade when im managing, It should go well as I heard no issues yesterday with it. then home for Cruiseweek Live
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I am currently at MY house and on office cam. I arrived home at 12/9/2016 8:01:06 PM

Saturday: today I work 7-3. I will come home and hopefully figure out a way to finish the parts of James' outfit Im not buying. then I will have chat 7-9... I plan on another calm evening because I work early sunday again!!

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I am NOT currently at CBL. I left at 6/21/2016 2:07:05 PM

Saturday: I will wake up and watch a couple movies before getting in the shower. I will then get ready for my day and wait for Jake to get home so I can clean his car because he needs it badly. After that I will get started on my diary and think of questions for Matt. After all of this i will relax I will watch more movies and then go to sleep.

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I am currently IN the CBLhouse. I arrived back at 3/24/2016 11:03:05 PM

Saturday: ahhh so tired from a very fun day with James at universal! however to get up and get some coffee and have the motivation to run hasn't evaded me yet! i plan to run on some trails that i found near the house , and then come back to have a cup of coffee and relax! ahh coffee the warm and delicious taste of a slow roasted coffee bean from the most farthest reaches of the earth, lol! yept i knew i would get you hahah! now time for a warm shower to mold over something in my head and wash away some of the past, before heading over to zach's to work on my apprenticeship for cruise week tv, lol! ahh time to get dailies done after working and learnign with zach which i love due to he is a great teacher and has much faith in me which is so nice to have! i begin my dailies before heading into another wonderful chat again 9-11 with you all before heading off to bed!

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I am currently IN the CBLhouse. I arrived back at 9/5/2016 6:37:35 PM

Saturday: Feeling much better. no trips to the hospital were needed yesterday which is always a plus. work today, pay day so thats always nice. i hope zach is feeling better today. maybe he can eat a bit today. i got him a bannana strawberry drink thats in the fridge for him. after work im heading home to play doctor/ nurse again and see hows zachs doing. later on toniht im heading to birds to work on the cw show. back the house to make a late dinner for everyone before heading ot bed.

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I am currently IN the CBLhouse. I arrived back at 12/9/2016 9:38:11 PM

Saturday: Always accepting applications at

Daily Gossip Last Updated on:

Matt and Zach did a unique chat from the hot tub at the TGRW / CBL house on Thursday, Dec. 8. In an experiment preparing for the Dec. 17 party, they added all kinds of bubble bath to make a soapy mess. Matt jumped in clothed, later both were naked, and Jake and Vlad joined them after midnight. Earlier, Jimmy was with Dustin away from the house but the couple returned for a low-key chat where meow meow, the house cat, was the guest of honor; the humans went to bed early. Vlad did a sexy chat including naked pole dancing and jerking. Jake worked a late shift but returned in time for hot tub bonding. Today, Jimmy and Vlad have plans to go to Universal Studios together; this will hopefully ease tensions between them. #cbl

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Jimmyís Chat Thursday - 2 Playful Puppies and 1 Persistent Pussy (Part 2 of 2)
And that about says it all as Dustin joins Jimmy for most of his two hour chat. Itís fun to see two boys having this much fun with each other. Dustin just loves it when Jimmy tries to kiss him. He just canít get enough of that. And since Jimmy finds him to be irresistible, itís a good match. But. Big But. Someone has come between them, and by the end of this chat, the two have become three. Whatever does the future hold? Stay tuned...

  The Gay Real Life Moments

CBL Monday Lunch at the Asian Buffet - Dec 5, 2016
Immediately after the Weekly House Meeting on Monday, the boys head out to the Asian Buffet for a group lunch courtesy of member Apollo. The diners are Zaccie, IQMatt, Jimmy, Jake, and Vlad. The enthusiastic table talk is a continuation of what began in the meeting and some decisions are made. Zaccie streamed this video to the site from his cam, so there are lots of closeups.

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Jimmies week of wow
Jobless Jimmy is working hard on his internal projects. Bottle cleaning and woowing Dustin.
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ZAC ADAMS Started CollegeBoysLive (1998Ėpresent)which became the first 24/7 live reality site featuring a group of unrelated gay guys living in a house together with over 56 streaming cameras and audio. Collegeboyslive chose 6 random people to live in the house and have their entire lives broadcast 24/7 for 6 months where viewers can watch and listen to them as they lived their lives. is currently the only live webcam house still up and operating today. [14] CollegeBoysLive was also the first website to have a movie made about one of the groups from arrival to departure. Edited by George O'Donnell the movie takes you into the life of the boys who live in such a public place. To all new members this is the story of CBL. It is not about sex, but sex is a part of the guys life who live in the house for 6 months. Just like sex is a part of all of our lifes, the difference is they live theirs out on the cams. But there are also other parts of their lives to. Some of them have jobs, they do other fun things as a group. The main thing to remember about CBL is that it is a place where this four guys live for six months and they live their lives on cams for 24/7. The good and the bad. And we pay to see them do it. We are not here to tell them how to live or how to do something about their life. But if ask members will always be there to help out. So come and join us as a member and you will see why so many of us love CBL it is like a family.

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