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MATT: THE SCIENCE GEEK.. Nicknamed IQMatt for his  thirst for knowledge and science, he is in college for biology
Jake: He is Back, but is he wiser and smarter than before
7:00pm-9:00pm 5:00pm-7:00pm


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Daily Happenings with the cast
Here you can read what the boys plan on doing today ( This section is updated each morning by the cast )

Saturday: Off to the Q then home for the CW show then pretty much bed afterwards. a very very busy Q day today so the time will fly by.
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I am currently at MY house and on office cam. I arrived home at 2/25/2017 8:38:28 PM

Saturday: I'm staying late at work so should be home by 10 am. Then I plan on canceling my debit card. Sleeping and getting rested for chat. See y'all there

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I am NOT currently at The House. I left at 6/21/2016 2:07:05 PM

Sunday: wake up get ready to leave with Vlad to play tennis then come back home to get ready for my chat at 5 then after chat i might start hanging out with the guys or possibly go take a nap. then play video games for the rest of the time and then head off to bed.

Sunday:Sunday: A wonderful Saturday has evolved and gone but with the days getting closer to my departure from TGRW House Im starting to fear the reality of the situation! In the end I will be moving on to greater and better things and looks at my time here as a success and family oriented! Today I worked on my journals along with packing and then sit down and take a breather or a nap before my late chat tonight, stayed tune as I share my weekend and past two days off!

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I am currently IN The House. I arrived back at 9/5/2016 6:37:35 PM

Saturday: zach and I are sleeping in. Luke stayed the night, he didn't have a place to go so we allowed him yo stay the night. He might be doing his pre app Sunday or Monday. Working on my diaries and chat. Later on Jake, zach and I are heading out to Bradley's later on! ****************************************************************** Youtube channel of all my younow videos as well as where you can watch it live: Younow:

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I am currently IN The House. I arrived back at 12/16/2016 8:52:25 AM

Sunday: Always accepting applications at our new line of applicants are on there way in , keep checking back with us to see who is next.

Daily Gossip Last Updated on:

There are always surprises at the GRW / CBL house. Friday Feb. 24 started with the normal sexy chats by Jake and Matt with Zach. Jake went to work on an overnight shift. Vlad was off and spent the night with friends. Then Matt gets a call from Luke asking if he could again sleep over at the house. Luke had been to the house a couple times before and stayed over the previous night with with the party crowd. He has submitted an application for the cast opening. Early Friday he hit on Josh, his hands all over him. Luke returned late Friday night, had some more drinks, and had an impromptu long chat with the members still awake. Early this morning, declaring himself horny, he had an epic jerk-off session and his first shower at the house. Stay tuned! #cbl

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TGRW Guest Luke Saturday Midday Special
TGRW guest and App wannabe Luke enjoys a midday JO and shower. Shy? Not so much...

  The Gay Real Life Moments

IQMatt and Zach Saturday Special - First GoCoder Stream
Here are parts of the first ever GoCoder stream from Matt's flannel shirt pocket as he and Zach purchase some liquor and enjoy a very (very) spicy Thai lunch. A work in progress this is as a viable alternative to bigger cams and or the backpack cam.

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Wes popped in
Wes stopped over so I grabbed my camera and caught up with his life..
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To those members! You know who you are. That had The Real Gay World on it's last leg, that this was it for it. SHAME on you for not BELIEVING in Zac that he would not let that happen. Zac has care and worked hard to get and keep the (TGRW) now over 20 years up and running. Now with this group of very good guys leaving very soon. Zac, Matt and Eric are working hard to get through so many Applicants who want to be apart of the house. So sit back and watch the Great Zac do his job.A job he has done so well over all these years.

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