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ZAC: THE PRODUCER... Best described as determined! If there is a way, he will find it! Not one that will easily say ‘no it can’t be done.” Fits the mold of team captain well, with his ability to motivate with little more than a few words.Zac can get annoyed easily though and definatly has his moody days.


 About Me

My Hobbies   I love technoligy, I designed the tech behind the site and also work on home automation systems designing and changing my place constantly with new tech.
My Favorite Things Everything tech, my Iphone and my computers
My Favorite Music Pop, 80's, techo, Some cher and soem country
My Favorite Author No particular one comes to mind
My Favorite Film Aliens
My Favorite Actor Rtan Gosling
My Favorite Actress None
My Favorite TV Show CSI
My Favorite Sport I dont like sports ( Bad memories as a kid)
My Favorite
Holiday Destination
My Favorite City Orlando FL
My Favorite Country USA
What is the one thing I want to achieve while at CBL?   To make the site the best ever
My Favorite Club Pulse in Orlando
My Favorite Bar Parliemnt house
My Ideal Guy I woudl like someoen who is into tech like me, cooking, fasion which is a hard combination, I like skinny guys Asain is a big plus but I am really getting too old to date now. I am happy with my friends and my tech..


Date Of Birth 12/29/1968
Occupation The Shows Producer and creator
Height 5'11 foot
Weight 190
Waist Size 36
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde with brown under
Shoe size 10
Leg length 32
Shirt Size M
Body Hair Shaved
Orientation Gay
Role Top
Attire ALternative
B/F Status Single
Last Day at the house ( contract ends) Not Applicable or when I die, whichever comes sooner

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