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My Hobbies
  Reading, Listening to music, Dancing, Acting, Cooking, & Singing.
My Favorite Things   My puppy Peanut, Food.
My Favorite Music Rock, Metal, Country, and I also like Hip Hop. Really anything I can Dance to is Acceptable.
My Favorite Author J.k. Rowling and Rick Riordan.
My Favorite Film I love the Harry Potter series.
My Favorite Actor Harry Potter cast obviously. Another one of my favorite actors would have to be Mathew Lillard and Ryan Reynolds.
My Favorite Actress Sarah Michelle Gellar would definatly be in the top 3.
My Favorite TV Show I'm getting into Black Mirror. One of my all time favorite shows would have to be Scooby Doo.
My Favorite Sport Hockey & Soccer.
My Favorite
Holiday Destination
I've been to quite a few of the states. I don't really have a holiday destination except I would really like to travel to New York one of these years to see the ball drop and the snow.
My Favorite City New Orleans, LA.
My Favorite Country USA cause Its land of the free and home of the brave. I would like to travel to Europe and check out Italy, Greece, Spain and France. I also would like to go to Puerto Rico.
What is the one thing I want to achieve while at CBL?   Have the time of my life but also take care of my self more financially and I would like to see me move into my own place after I leave here. I want to use this place as a Do-over.
My Favorite Club The Zipper Club. (It's for those people who have had multiple or one Heart surgury.
My Favorite Bar So far only "bar" I've been to Down here was HoneyPot & Southern Nights, I think I liked HoneyPot better.
My Ideal Guy My Ideal guy is someone who I can pull pranks with (or on) without them getting mad. Very kind, Sweet and caring. They gotta have a great personality. They also have to be able to slay with me. Protect me when I can't protect myself without being to overbearing. They also can't be to emotional. As this is my version of Prince Charming I know he doesn't exist. (Haha)


Date Of Birth August 25, 1997
Occupation I want to do Special Effects Make-up
Height 5'9"
Weight 165lbs
Waist Size 30"
Eye Color Greenish-grey
Hair Color Black
Shoe size 10
Leg length 30"
Shirt Size Small- Medium
Body Hair Not to much.
Orientation Queen
Role Power Bottom
Attire Half - naked
B/F Status Single
Last Day at the house ( contract ends) 7/22/2018

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