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My Hobbies Having been a snowboard instructor when I was 14, I LOVE SNOWBOARDING! I enjoy going out to clubs which includes drinking. I love doing anything outdoors, anything to get me out of the house at home or here! Eating out at new restaurants is one of my favorite things to do. I really enjoy
 cooking and gardening as well. 
My Favorite Things My snowboard, my dog, my kitten, cooking, gardening, eating, the game Civilization 6, and Jameson.. YES the whiskey (also the name of my kitten.)
What I would like to achieve while being at CBL: I would like to achieve saving up some money. I hope to get a job at a restaurant near by as well.. Making new friends and possibly meeting someone special are always on my mind.
Music   Pretty much anything except country music. (Sorry not Sorry)
Author Gary Paulsen, John Steinbeck, Walt Whitman, Alice Sebold, Mitch Alborn, and many more.
Film I love comedies, thirllers, action, horror, and musicals most of all!
Actor I enjoy most actresses / actors. I believe anyone can do well or poorly when acting in certain roles.
TV Show Golden Girls, Will & Grace, Roseanne, Veep, The New Adventures of Old Christine, Hot in Cleveland, Designated Survivor, Big Mouth, and MANY many more.
Sport Soccer and Ultimate Frisbee... anything else I find to be a mundane sport.
Holiday My favorite holiday would probably have to be my birthday, I always make a big deal out of it! Get ready!
City Minneapolis, MN
Country United States of America
Club My favorite club would have to be the Saloon in Minneapolis. Where I used to be a dancer serving shots in my undies! I also worked in the kitchen there.
Bar My favorite bar is a dive bar, also in Minneapolis, called 19 Bar.
Ideal Guy My ideal guy is someone who listens to me, doesn't lie to me, and lets me have my alone time when I need/want it. I'd like them to enjoy most of the things I do but that isn't really entirely important.. I love skinny or athletic men who are responsible and employed. Having your shit together is extremely attractive and important to me.


Date Of Birth 05/03/1993
Occupation Server(not employed)
Height 5'7"
Weight 120
Waist Size 29"
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Dirty Blonde
Shoe Size 10
Leg length 29"
Shirt Size S
Body Hair Limited, trimmed.. I'm pretty hairless!
Role Top
Attire T-Shirts, Black jeans, button ups, sexy underwear
B/F Status Single :(
Last Day at the house ( contract ends)  7/21/2018   

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