James' Early years

Teal’s Early Years

My name is Teal Edmond Jene Anderson. It’s the name that my Medical Foster Parent gave me. I was with my biological mother for about a year before DCF stepped in. When I was born, I was still born. I also had a lot of other birth defects. My mother did a variety of different drugs when I was in the womb. The first year of my life I was put in the hospital every chance she had. She would bring me to the hospital on a Friday, wouldn’t come back till about Monday. Because there was so much medically wrong with me she had every story in the book to just dump me at the hospital. All of my first holidays I was in the hospital so she could go party with her friends. My original name is Benjamin Lee Hurst. I had my first Heart Surgery at Eleven days old. That is when they found out that a have an extremely rare disease called Ivemark. This disease my mother was found to be a carrier for it. I’m the second longest living person with it. What makes it hard for babies with this disease to survive is that babies born with this disease are also born with no Spleen, which when were babies the spleen helps a lot. I was born with 4 Spleens. Like the disease causes I have a lot more veins and capillaries than normal. They grow like vines inside my body. The disease also causes an inverse in my organs. Where certain organs in you are, mine are on the opposite side. There are other things that the disease causes as well. On top of all the other medical stuff wrong with me, I was also on Oxygen when I was younger. One night she brought me to her friends house. I started turning blue because I was I wasn’t on my oxygen. Her friend pointed out than I wasn’t looking good. So my biological mother being the retard she is turns my oxygen tank to the highest setting. That can blow up an adults lungs, just imagine what that would do to a baby me. So after doing this she goes to put the oxygen mask on my face, Thankfully her friend grabbed the oxygen away from her and loaded me up in his car and took me to the hospital. After I was evaluated, I was put in Medical Foster Care. Because the severity of the situation my name was changed as I met my Medical Foster family The Andersons. They were my Medical Foster Family. It was originally just My Foster Mom, Her daughter, Her Two Year Old, and two other Medical Foster children. I don’t remember too much of them. Their Medical worsened and they had to be removed to All childrens when I was about four. My foster sister eventually got into a relationship with the person who saved me from my mom. Things were pretty good for a while, If someone were to adopt me I would be back because they thought they could handle my medical needs but were failing to do so. Growing up with the Andersons wasn’t exactly a cake walk either. School was always hard cause I was always bullied cause I was always the shortest and I was in foster care. I had it really bad with bullies when I was in fifth grade. I had had two other heart surgeries since the first one I told you about when I was eleven days old. As being a cardiac I wasn’t supposed to partake in the running or any strenuous exercise that was Physical Education. So I was aloud to play on the Jungle gym of my school. Well the guy that was bullying me came over to the playground I was playing on and told me to get off. I said no, he grabbed my feet as they were dangling while I was on the Monkey bars, backed up and then ran forward. My head hit the cement and my back hit the safety ring and I was knocked unconscious. At that time P.E. was done and over with. My friend Jeff came back to where I was and grabbed our other friend and they woke me up and brought me to the nurse. I went from the nurses office to the hospital. I had a concussion. Things got particularly worse when I moved to Port Charlotte. I was about ten years old. I had to start in a new school this time was Middle school. I was suspended quite a few times. Sixth grade I had an issue with bullying. It wasn’t as bad as it was in elementary school but I found that I had had enough. Three quarters into the year nobody had done anything about my bullying issue. So I decided to take matters into my own hands. I threatened the bully with a dagger I brought from home. I threw my desk at him, threatened to stab him and then stood toe to toe with the assistant principle screaming at him that it wouldn’t have happened if you had done something about it. Long story short I had a bit of a melt down. This was when my home life started to crash as well... I remember coming home one day and my foster family had completely destroyed my room. No reason except that they couldn’t find something that they later found in their room. Then I had to clean it. If I were to fall asleep for school I’d have to go find a switch and bring it inside. The running joke was that the switch tree was “Teal’s tree.” After we ran out of Switches they moved onto painting sticks and then the window adjusters because the paint sticks broke to often. They even went as far as a cricket bat. I went to another family stayed there for a little bit and it was right back to my medical foster family. At that time I was being adopted by the medical family. Yep they were the ones who adopted me. It didn’t stop the just as quick as I was comfortable again DCF would come right back into my life. I was transported to other families, so that my own would get reevaluated. Every time someone else was brought into the mix by my foster sister they reevaluated my family. So needless to say I was moved around a lot... We lived in Port Charlotte for ever it seemed. Seventh grade was particularly difficult cause that’s when I realized I didn’t want to be with a girl as much as I wanted to be with this guy in my class and I fell hard as shit for him. He was straight go figure but what made it more difficult I had him in literally all my classes. He was also on my bus and he lived right by me. So I couldn’t separate myself. I was very confused at this point in time. I was dating a girl at this time as well but I did not want anything to do with her like I did with a guy. I actually ended up talking to him about everything and we almost fought. That had ended that friendship real quick. It took me till my third quarter of school to come out to him and he was my best friend at the time. So I lost my bestfriend when I tried to come out.
I came out as bi officially at the start of eighth grade lost a few friends. Later came out fully to whatever friends I had and found I lost even more friends. I didn’t come out to my family till I was about sixteen. They knew I guess but my adoptive mother said how the hell am I gonna have grandchildren. This was close when they started turning on me. I went to Oasis youth shelter because “my Behavior” Yet this was shortly after I came out. I stayed at the shelter for a while before this kid came back to the shelter with fifty dollars and said that if I found it I could have it. I found it and he kicked me in the face, So I got mad and broke his jaw… I got arrested. From there I had felt my family didn’t want me so I went to live with an “uncle” that I had met in foster care. I wanted to go home even still. When I tried my DCF worker wouldn’t let me. “It was to detrimental to my adopted mom but I was to old for them to place me” So this started me couch surfing and vying to survive for a while. DCF completely turned a blind eye to what was going on with me. I went on to live with the uncle from foster care and ended up being his little toy is the best way to put it. He wouldn’t let me sleep if it wasn’t with him… He would come into my room on the nights I came home before him and lay in bed with me. I finally started dating this guy who lived sixteen miles away and I happily rode my bike to his house just so I could be with him and not at home. He finally caught on and told me I wasn’t allowed to stay out on School nights. This way he could have a little more control. I came home late one night and saw that his truck was not in the driveway, so I went to the neighbors house and went to see if I could hang out with my friend. We started playing Crash his gamecube. About 11 O’clock I heard him knocking on my friends door. My friends mother and my “Uncle” were very good friends so she let him in for coffee. I was standing in the Kitchen with my friend and my “Uncle” Tackles me to ground. Asks me where I have been and I said you weren’t home so came here. He slams my head onto the floor and growls at me that he ownes me. I finally had had enough and kicked him in the balls and ran out of the house, grabbed my bike and biked over the peace river bridge and took every back road I could imagine to get to my friends house that would have been a 20 minute car ride. I completely hopped to a different town to get away. I was marked a run away. I was missing for 2 weeks before I reached out to my family. They set it up so I could stay with a friend of my adoptive sister. It was great and then it wasn’t I started doing everything as if I was a maid. I had my chores, Her chores Her husbands and her daughters while I also was trying to go to school and I was taking care of 3 dogs a pregnant cat and 3 ferrets. If I didn’t comply they wouldn’t feed me. I got sick of that as well. I ran away again this time for 6 weeks. I was finally found the day after my 18th birthday. Shortly after I moved back to New Orleans to get away from florida. I started building a life for myself out there I Had a shotgun apartment I was engaged as well. I let my fiancés best friend live with me because she was homeless and I knew what that was like. She ended up stabbing me soon after she was living with me. I got stopped by cops with the knife still stuck in my thigh, I ended up going to jail. After I got released I called my adoptive mother and she bough me a bus ticket from New Orleans, Louisiana to Port Charlotte, Florida. I came here with little to nothing and I had to break up with the man I was engaged to. Started staying with a guy who I viewed as my father, things ended badly there. Went to Kissimmee to stay with my Abuela, That didn’t last so it was back to Port Charlotte I went. I couch surfed for months and then got into a fight with my ex and got pulled over I ended up going to jail again. Got bonded out a 4 days later went through the court date got put on probation. Then about a month after I got picked up again and brought to jail for “disturbing the charlotte county ordinance” I was in a park at ten and spent 3 months in jail for it. When I got out I finally went back and lived with my adoptive family. I went back to school and I met a guy and we dated for about a year and a half which was last year. In that time we crashed his car we blew through 6 credit cards and a lot of other stuff. I met my biological mom last may and oh my god was she a loon. I flew from ft. Myers to Minneapolis and from there I went to Crosby North Dakota. Was originally going to be there for three weeks and I only ended up staying 5 days. She tried to take me to the police station cause she didn’t want to deal with me and we got into this huge ass fight. Her pastor ended up paying a hotel room for me. From there I gathered money to get a train from Williston, North Dakota to Milwaukee Wisconsin to stay with my aunt and uncle till I was able to get money to come back her I ended up staying about 2 weeks out there with them. Finally came up with the funds to get a bus back to Port Charlotte. After that my adoptive moms health took a turn for the worse with a stroke, she was in rehab for about a maximum of 2 months before hospice stepped in… She finally died September 16 2017. After she died I broke up with my ex fiancé. My last roommate tried to kill me with a glass blender cause she came home to dishes being in the sink. I spent Thanksgiving and Christmas alone. I finally couldn’t do it anymore and I moved to Lakeland on the 27th of December to live with my friend joe who told me about this place and I was brought here on the third of January and I absolutely love it here!