Questions about the tip system

The cbl tip system was set up at the request of the members. we tried to make it easier for them to tip than other sites that relied on paypal or similar systems that would often cut off accounts if they saw it was linked to a site with adult content.

so a few questions that have come up , and some answers:

Why do you add 15% to the amount I tip the boys ? Well, credit card companies charge is that to take credit cards. because we are classed as an adult site on the internet we are charged a LOT more fees than say Wal mart. here are a few examples. - this is ccbill - this is ibill

When we set up the tip system we asked members if they wanted the 15% ADDED to the amount charged or the 15% deducted from the amount sent. they all opted for it to be ADDED.

How fast do the boys receive the tips?
If the boys have a bank account and they have givern me the account # i transfer money in when we get it, which is about 3-4 days later. If they don't have a bank account they have to wait til I come up there on a Wednesday.

Can i use greendot or paypal instead ?
Certainly you can. it makes no difference to use what you use, this system was set up for easy use. if they boys have greendot and you want to use that feel free.

Do they boys ALWAYS get their tips? and is there nay accountability?
Yes. When a member tips . the house automation system announces the tip. the members usually mention it in chat and also remind the boys of it. the boys can ask for a printout of there tips at any time. that will show who tipped them and how much.

What is the anonymous option ?
If you check this box, your name wont be given out on the house automation system or in the printout the boys can get. it will just say from an anonymous  user.